David Sable & Rajat Mishra on Purposeful Communication

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.” – James Humes


Purposeful communication has the potential to impact all areas of your business. From boosting employee morale and highlighting consumer behavior to expanding your leadership skills altogether, being more purposeful in your communication is not a quality you want to snooze on. Just ask marketing expert and author David Sable. In our 15th podcast episode, Communicating with Purpose, David revealed that being more purposeful allows business leaders everywhere to tap into more powerful insights that unlock new levels of understanding, authenticity, and engagement. Not to mention it can make your business even more profitable than it already is.


Here are two of his most influential takeaways for communicating with purpose.



Our purpose can and should blend with being purposeful across all avenues of life. Remember: it’s okay if your passion doesn’t fuel your day job. There are plenty of opportunities to discover it elsewhere! David’s recommendation is to take what you know and apply it to purposeful things


For instance, if you’re a creative writer like him, you can apply your craft to a non-profit, NGO, or someone out there who needs it. This way, you can use your unique talent to help do something important that’s saving the world. By extending your knowledge and providing use to others in this way, you can bring purpose to your whole life and everything you’ve ever done. 



To be more real, David emphasizes that it’s essential to lose the word “authentic”. He stresses that so many people struggle to be more authentic by copying others which is never the answer. Instead, he clarifies that leadership is about being real. But make no mistake, being real isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. 


Being real means making yourself more vulnerable. It involves making mistakes no matter how prepared or well-intentioned you may be. It means you open yourself up for others to see, which presents the opportunity to see people in an entirely new light. Being real isn’t easy by any means. But it is a huge pathway to being more purposeful in your life and your communication which makes it all worth it.

Incorporating a more purpose-driven mindset in your communication can help relay messages more effectively every single day. Add these best practices to your next business presentation to stand out from the crowd. You can catch up on the full David Sable episode here.

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