Faisal Masud & Rajat Mishra on Presentation Dos & Don’ts

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

No matter your skill level or professional background, crafting a solid presentation is a must for persuading your audience to listen. Your PowerPoint slides should never be the focal point of your pitch. You and your communication skills should be center stage at all times, focusing on your audience’s specific pain points. If you’re wondering how you can knock your next presentation out of the park, Faisal Masud is the man you want to listen to. As the CEO of Fabric, a scalable e-commerce brand, he knows all the must-dos and don’ts of public speaking. And in our 28th podcast episode, Prezent Like the Pro’s, Faisal spilled all his trade secrets for how you can upgrade your presentation skills.


Continue reading to learn how you can start presenting like the professionals today.



Don’t overcomplicate your presentation by adding too many bells and whistles. Wherever you can, always opt for keeping things simple. Every pixel of your presentation matters in communicating what you’re doing. That means precise articulation is crucial.


Keeping your presentation succinct is equally important. Your goal should be to keep your PowerPoint presentation between 7 and 10 slides long. Anything lengthier than that can be overkill and simply takes away from your pitch’s core message. Communicate your points clearly and continuously bring things back to the facts to build clarity and credibility.



Faisal argues that 3 key qualities must exist in your pitch to entice investors:

  1. BIG MARKET → Your audience wants to know that there is a large enough market for your specific product or service. This inspires confidence that it’s sustainable, profitable, and worth their time and money.
  2. DISRUPTIVE IDEA → To set yourself apart from competitors, identify what is about your product or service that has the power to change the status quo of the industry. Hone into what makes you different and how you’re accomplishing what’s never been done before.
  3. MOMENTUM → During your business presentation, it’s important to show some level of momentum about what you’re doing. Who’s already on board? What do the numbers look like? Who else is excited about what you’re doing?


This is the information investors need before taking the plunge to invest. They want to be educated on why they should be choosing your product or service instead of a competitor’s. By positioning your brand as the top disruptor in a busy market, your audience is far more likely to feel engaged and confident in your asset.

Want more tips on how to present like the pros? Listen to the rest of Faisal Masud’s insider tips on the full podcast episode here.

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