Insights on How to Engage Audience in Presentation

How to Engage Your Audience When You Present


“Leadership is an action, not a position.” – Donald McGannon


In the modern age of technology, it’s no secret that we’re constantly overstimulated. We live in a world full of constant distraction and accessibility where a single notification can hijack our attention in an instant. If you’re wondering how you can break through this noise and capture your audience’s attention, rest assured that executive coach and entrepreneur Corinne Mason has answers for you. As Partner at Summit Leadership Partners, Corinne is no stranger to how important it is for your presence to encourage listeners to slow down and take a breath. And lucky for you, she spilled her favorite tell-all tips in our 21st podcast episode, Get Your Audience to Listen.


Keep reading to learn how to transform your communication so listeners are eager to hear what you have to say.



No matter how great your strategy, people will never do something just because you want them to. The only way to achieve this is by involving them in the conversation from the beginning. It doesn’t matter how important you are or what your mission is. To be an efficient leader, you must do the work along the way by having these conversations with whoever you’re striving to influence. If you don’t communicate your ideas or introduce this plan from the ground up, no one will follow you. Your listeners want to be included in this journey with you to create the experience together. And by consulting them, it becomes crystal clear that you care about what they want.



Effective communication is equal parts art and science. Don’t be afraid to tap into your creativity by thinking of yourself as an artist. After all, any skilled public speaker will tell you that great presenting takes significant talent, vision, and intention. Bringing your story to life takes authenticity. Lean into your creative energy and artistic flair by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What color do you bring to the table?
  • What’s the story that you tell?
  • Why would people want to listen to you?
  • Why do you count?


And remember–imposter syndrome should have no space in your life. Avoid comparing your accomplishments to others or allowing confidence issues to affect the way you communicate with your audience. Instead, use the following three criteria to maintain your audience’s attention and feel like you belong:

  1. Be concise → Stick to three critical points to your message. No more, no less.
  2. Be interesting → Tell authentic stories that connect your listeners to your message.
  3. Be interested → Listen to others and ask great questions that convey your enthusiasm for what they’re saying.

Blend these pointers into your communication to knock your next presentation out of the park. Don’t miss out on the full Corinne Mason episode here.

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