Software Engineer (Backend)




  • PREZENTIUM is an award-winning hyper-growth business presentations company based in Los Altos, California. We serve thousands of customers in Fortune 2000 companies globally and are growing at > 100%.


  • We are on a mission to disrupt the multi-billion dollar remote workforce engagement market with cutting-edge technology. The founding team are proven industry leaders and experts in this space. Initial customer and investor interest is very strong.
  • We are aggressively growing our engineering team in India. This team will lead the development of an AI-based business presentations platform that will democratize great business communication and help millions of people reclaim their ‘zen’.


  • We are looking for software engineers/ senior software engineers to drive our back-end development.
  • This team will have frequent interaction with the C-suite of the company, as well as collaborate with other teams across product, content and customer success in India and US.
  • Competitive salary. Industry defining work. Opportunity to work with the best leaders in the industry.


  • Be a catalyst to deliver a truly disruptive V0 product 
  • Solve unique and first order problems in the areas of distributed computing, machine learning, personalization and big data.
  • Influence and build products that will leverage innovation, big data and cloud computing.


  • Passionate in building large scale distributed systems, leveraging cloud computing, machine learning and serverless technologies.
  • Can thrive in fast paced environments 
  • Innovative and inventive in collaborative and agile environments
  • Curious and always eager to learn new technologies.


  • Work with other members of the team to translate business and product requirements into detailed technical specifications, architectures and extensible code.
  • Be an advocate for best practices, reliable, scalable and performant code.
  • Develop and test complex systems – build or leverage frameworks to be effective and efficient as needed.
  • Maintain high development standards – participate in architecture, design and code reviews.
  • Be an owner – own system architecture, scalability, reliability and performance.
  • Be an advocate in adopting best industry standards in operating large scale online systems – which includes producing and leveraging logging, monitoring and meeting customer SLAs.
  • Mentor other engineers, help build the best team and technical culture.


  • 3+ years of experience in writing large scale systems and micro-services in NodeJS or Go or Java.
  • Solid understanding of software engineering, building distributed systems and microservice based architecture.
  • Experience working with AWS services including AWS Lambdas, AWS Appsync, AWS GraphQL libraries and AWS SDKs. 
  • Developed and maintained GraphQL APIs and REST APIs at scale in production.
  • Bachelors in Computer Science or Engineering, or equivalent experience


  • Strong knowledge of data structures and algorithms
  • Can write very high-quality code that is robust and easy to maintain
  • Experience in writing multi-threaded programs requiring concurrency and synchronization primitives
  • Experienced debugging, diagnosing, and trouble-shooting complex, production software
  • Understanding of machine learning and big data frameworks and algorithms and experience in leveraging those techniques in solving real world business problems.
  • Experience with database systems internals, query optimization, and storage systems
  • Experience with large-scale data analytics and data warehousing is a plus
  • Extensive experience working with NoSQL, DynamoDB, S3, and other managed AWS DB technologies.
  • Extensive background in developing large scale distributed NodeJS applications using Javascript or Typescript.
  • Experience using API gateways, serverless – e.g. AWS lambda.
  • Experience integrating services (APIs) running in public cloud and on-premise.
  • Passion for learning new technologies and helping others.
  • Experience in delivering large scale software projects in time and within budget.


  • Location: India (Any Location) | Remote

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